Cafe-Bar Europa is your place to relax. Your neighborhood gathering place.

It was owner, Basilio Ceravolo's dream to create a place that captures the ideal warmth and inviting culture of European cafe-bars. Cafe's in Europe are where you get your morning coffee, your afternoon drink and have a delicious meal, all in the company of good friends. At Cafe-Bar Europa we never rush your from your meal and provide great service without being pushy. Welcome home. 


Phone to Table - Online Ordering 


If you've been to our place recently you may have noticed our shift from a traditional ordering system to our new Online Ordering System. If you're not comfortable using your phone we still offer fully assisted ordering at our from our Cashier Station. 


We've created the innovative Online Ordering System because it is the best way to keep our dream alive of maintaining a relaxed environment while still giving you the best service possible. There is no app to download simply visit our website click the link and begin ordering! If you're a regular you can create an account for easy reordering.  

Why We Don't Believe in the Traditional Tips System

There are many people that feel very strongly about tipping. They want to show the waiter that they're doing a good job. In an ideal world, this makes sense. You work a little harder, you get a little extra. But this tipping system creates an unequal treatment of customers, giving the advantage to higher tipping customers.


At Cafe-Bar Europa we work as a team to give you the best experience possible. 


At Cafe-Bar Europa all of our staff are treated equally. That means that all of our staff including kitchen staff shared the service charge and receive high wages. 


Self Ordering either by using Online Ordering or at the Kiosk is 20% off regular Menu Prices. 


If you prefer a Staff member to take your order, the regular Menu price will apply and a Service Charge  of 18% is added.

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